Samaritan Ritual - A Journey Back in Time

Samaritan Ritual - A Journey Back in Time

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Photo: Danny Yanai

The lecturer is an ethnographic photographer and an adventurous traveler who will give you an intimate and entertaining glimpse of the world's smallest community, who consider themselves as remnant to the Ten Tribes, which sanctifies the teachings of Israel and Mount Grize in Samaria, and preserves the customs and traditions of the Jewish people from 3,650 years ago. With exciting photographs of ancient ceremonies and rituals, and with "inside" stories, we will recognize the tenets of faith and Samaritan practices over the years and today, and bring fascinating record of Torah holidays as Samaritans celebrate to this day (Passover Sabbath, Pilgrimage to Herzog, Sukkot, Yom Kippur) and more.
Duration - one hour.

מק"ט: א אונליין lecture
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