Smoking Detox In Coronavirus Times

Smoking Detox In Coronavirus Times

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Detox in the days of Coronavirus. The 'Stop From Nothing' program is the most advanced program in the world for effective detox from smoking.  Shahaf Ashkenazi, the method developer is a former smoker and an addiction solution expert. Shahaf has personally helped over 15,000 smokers stop smoking since 2008. A 50-minute online lecture through the ZOOM app where Shahaf exposes us to the most covert secrets of smoke addiction. Shahaf reveals the biggest problem a smoker faces: we understand the problem but are unable to do anything. What is really behind the need to smoke? What is the engine of cigarette addiction? Is it possible to be completely free of cigarettes? On top of all that, Shahf gives us a full answer to "quitting".

מק"ט: א אונליין smoke workshop lecture detox
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