Ziv Zwighaft - The Circadian Clock

Ziv Zwighaft - The Circadian Clock

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Dr. Ziv Zwighaft, a former researcher at the Weizmann Institute and a Marathonist, will explain during an hour's lecture what is the biological clock of our body? Why is it so important to us, and how does it affect our health and functioning?
In this lecture, we will understand why there are times in the day that are appropriate for doing certain activities, and why there are times when it is not worthwhile to engage in these activities.
We will discuss what is the best time of day to do exercise? make love? Go to the dentist?
What's better, eating a burger in the morning or at night? And why do babies not sleep well at night but adolescents can't wake up in the morning?

The lecture will give you a set of tools and insights to use with you on a daily basis and contribute to improving your quality of life!

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