About Us

Flexity brings wellbeing professionals, technology, HR and employees together in it's unique product.

About Us

Flexity is on a Mission to Stop Tech's biggest crisis

Employees (especially those of tech companies) are experiencing unprecedented stress alongside high pressure work environments. Our mission is to help both employees and companies by providing wellbeing technology and content.

The Flexity way

Our Unique Approach

Win Win Win

Connecting companies with content and wellbeing creators that provide value to each and every employee, and boost company success.

Data Driven

Providing companies with data-routed insights and holistic content that enables them to boost employee health, happiness and productivity.

Our Offices

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794 Mcallister St. San Francisco, California(CA), 94102

601 West St Carthage,
New York(NY), 13619

110 SE Ely St Oak Harbor, Washington(WA), 98277


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