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With flexity, you have access to live and on-demand content that can help every employee on his personal wellbeing journey!

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In an age of remote, hybrid and high pressure office environments, HR departments need new tools to manage employee wellbeing.

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The perfect plan for small business or individuals that want to get user analytics right from start.

  • Website Analytics
  • 1 Data Workspaces
  • 1 User
  • Up to 1,000 Tracked Users
  • Custom Reports
  • Mobile App
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A great plan for mid-size business looking to take their user analytics to the next level.

  • All in Starter Plan
  • 5 Data Workspaces
  • 5 User
  • Up to 10,000 Tracked Users
  • Web App Analytics
  • Mobile App Analytics
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The most powerful option for mid and big-size businesses looking to get as much data as possible.

  • All in Pro Plan
  • Unlimited Data Workspaces
  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 100,00 Tracked Users
  • AI-Powered Features
  • Custom Branding
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Improving Productivity, Lowering Stress, Encouraging happiness

Flexity is the latest and greatest perk you can offer your employees

A huge thank you for a wonderful period that was challenging and special - the Corona period. Flexity's  zoom lessons from all over the world have been great and the responses to the quality of the instruction have been simply excellent!

John Carter
VP of Sales at Google
Eti Nathan
Training, Employee Care & Social Involvement
888 Holdings

Accenture Israel and I would like to thank Flexity for helping organize our first yoga class! Shir, the teacher, was lovely and pleasant, and we really enjoyed it. The feedback was great!

John Carter
VP of Sales at Google
Noam Legziel
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Flexity gave us access to Great instructors, that were fun and attentive. Flexity took the worry off our backs! Thank you so much!

Rotem Sela

Thank you for a great time during the very challenging COVID-19. The sessions and have been excellent and the feedback on the quality of the training has been just as great!

Eti Nathan
888 Holdings

Excellent service, high standard. Extremely satisfied with the professional guides, the work behind the scenes, the development, and  feedback. Keep doing a great job!

Hadas Carmy

Calling all Trainers, Coaches, Wellness Companies and more. Become an Expert!

Browse all analytics reports, user profiles, and much more in our mobile app. It’s free, and full-feature packaged to help you on the go.

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