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Nourishing your soul: tips for a healthy meal

Flexity Staff
March 19, 2022

Nowadays, the world seems to go faster and busier than ever.

Between work, appointments and responsibilities, eating has lost the importance it deserves. It became in most of the cases an insignificant moment of the day, up to the extent of having lunch while in a meeting. This phenomenon rocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic, where our personal life merged with remote work. Leaving less hours for employees to focus on healthy eating habits. A Bloomberg report shows that people around the world are working more hours while working from home. The remote work model is comfortable but also requires self-discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we collected some cool tips to help you out!


People may believe the only benefit of eating well is satisfying the physical needs of the body. However, nutrition is much more than a healthy and balanced meals. We tend to believe that just by eating salads or organic food we will be healthy. for me, eating as a kind of a ritual. Think about meals that your family prepared when you were a kid. Think about the meals you have had with friends, family, or your partner. It sure evokes many feelings and fulfilling memories. Healthy eating habits not only nourish your body, but your soul and heart as well. A complete meal ritual combines not only healthy food, but a suitable environment and mindset. After reading and researching about soul food, comfort food, raw diet, ayurvedic lifestyle and many more trends, I came to conclusion that these important nutrition principles are taken for granted by modern society:


Pause your work, to return revitalized.

First, take your time! Either you cook or not, take the time to plan your meal.

While in the workspace, employees tend to delay or underestimate lunch time. I know your

day is hard and filled with responsibilities but take a break. Prioritize your meals over your schedule, just the same way you do with your boss or a client.

Take 20-25 minutes to focus on yourself and your well-being. Don’t eat just to survive, be conscious of what you are tasting and providing to your body.

Never eat in a rush or standing up, sit down, set aside negative feelings you might have and enjoy your food. Sure, work may be a rollercoaster of emotions, from

stress to pressure. Start viewing that break as fresh air that revitalizes your work.


Be aware of what you eat: don’t blame yourself.

Have you ever struggled with losing weight? Probably we all have! Eating healthy might be “boring and frustrating”. Being tempted to eat a burger with fries and coke occasionally, is more common than you think. Nonetheless, having these craves 24/7 and cheating on your usual diet is neither physical nor mentally healthy. Feeling guilty when you eat what you really want to eat, gives you a quick, short feeling of pleasure but according to Kuijer (2014), in the long-term it can cause bad eating habits and low self-esteem. Eat consciously, learn to prepare guilt-free meals through tutorials, or recipes. Learn to enjoy your food without blaming yourself! Food is the fuel that makes your body and brain work properly, be aware of it. Mealtime involves an adequate mindset. Otherwise, those negative emotions such as guilt may affect the digestion and the way your body responds to the meal you are having. The same food can work as a boost or as a toxin and let me tell you, your perception towards it affects you directly. 


These are some of the best tips for consciousness during mealtime. To sum up, take a break and set apart a decent time to eat in a comfortable and safe space, this for sure will make your ritual more enriching for your body and soul. Lastly, don’t be so harsh on yourself when craving food. Enjoy that burger or that chocolate cake you crave the most! Take advantage of written recipes, VOD, and whatever online content you prefer and start transforming that guilt into consciousness about the fuel that is keeping you alive. Cook to yourself, create that sacred ritual you will enjoy every single day. Stop expecting food to fully nourish you if you don’t give it the importance it deserves. So, give it a try! Enjoy yourself by one of the biggest pleasures in life: eating!

Flexity Staff
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