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The wellbeing paradox: transforming digital interactions

Flexity Staff
April 5, 2022

Remember when you wanted to do some workout you had to hire a personal trainer or join a public gym. Or if you wanted to cook something you had to buy a recipe book or watch cooking shows. If you had trouble with your spouse- therapy was the answer. This applies to almost any aspect of the wellbeing world. Surely life has changed and we are searching for more practical solutions every single day. Lifes’ pace has been increasing rapidly and everything has to be as fast as a click, as we see more and more today!

From keeping in touch with your family and friends to workout or meditation videos online, everything has become very accessible. Every aspect of life has been impacted by internet and online resources, and Wellbeing is not an exception. In the last few years smartphone demand has dramatically increased. According to Kolmar (2022), the global smartphone industry has been growing at an annual rate of 16.4%. Predictions say the industry will reach $2,297.8 billion by 2022. This implies an increase of social media users and usage. As fun and useful as they may be, social media and the internet can be incredibly “toxic” for wellbeing and emotional health. Furthermore, it can affect spending quality time with relatives. 

We have reduced all factors to the two most significant regarding your wellbeing: stress and addiction to your phone.

But do not worry, not everything is white or black. There are many ways to increase your wellbeing through the internet! I like to call it the virtual wellbeing paradox

How can a common source of stress and addiction, also be a stress reliever and source of wellbeing? Keep reading and find out!

Due to the huge amount of online content and information flowing globally through the web, many people have decided to share their knowledge and professions via VOD, blogs, podcasts, tutorials and many other ways. Including trained and certified professionals. Whether it is related to yoga, pilates, workouts, hiit, diets, recipes, mental health, relationships and more. Digital platforms are filled with content of all types that aims to help boost people's wellbeing in every aspect. We know sometimes it is hard to find adequate and good quality content, but at flexity we've got your back! We summed it all up into one platform ;) 

One of the most amazing things about digital wellbeing is the flexibility it provides. Imagine having your regular schedule full of meetings and responsibilities, together with being aware of your wellbeing and having to save time for that too. Instead, by clicking on a link you can enter a variety of content that you can watch whenever you want. You can listen to a podcast while driving, watch a meditation tutorial while getting up in the morning, and watch a workout video while watching your kids. 

Apart from the flexibility it provides, following your favorite content creators can inspire and motivate you. Following determined content creators and keeping track of their content helps create a daily reminder to keep track of your wellbeing. This allows you to start building a routine or habits in the wellbeing and health worlds. Nowadays, it's easy to access online content from any place, making the daily habit of taking care of yourself easy and pleasant. Once you create your habit, it takes persistence in order to maintain a healthy wellness routine.

Nonetheless, just reading or following a certain content is not enough. We suggest combining this magnificent tool with actions and discipline. Taking the decision of starting a healthy lifestyle is completely worth it and what better way to do so than with the help of online content and platforms so that you can adjust your time and schedule. Moreover, you can choose between so many content options. Whether you prefer  workouts, podcasts, meditation, yoga, etc. Platforms like flexity sum up a variety of wellbeing content for you to access- whenever it suits you and from everywhere. 

Now that you know, social media and the internet can easily be a source of stress and anxiety. Between the status quo, fake news, "perfect" bodies and lives, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. So try focusing on the quality content on the internet. Follow a podcaster, blogger, youtuber, instagrammer or even cook that inspires your health and living. You can control your internet usage and make it helpful for your physical and mental requirements. Every employee has to do their work, have an outstanding performance, we must remember-it starts deep inside with the inner wellbeing. Break the wellbeing paradox and cleanse your digital interactions by replacing them with other alternatives such as flexity. At flexity, we aim to boost people into a better and healthier version of themselves. 

In conclusion, we recommend creating hobbies, making time for your wellbeing, using social networks for a purpose that will do good to your body and soul and not the other way around. We assure you that such changes can change your life for the better. And in that note, have you joined flexity yet? If not, this is the time! And don't forget to share so we can help as many people as possible.

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Flexity Staff
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