"I truly believe in the importance of a balanced workplace"

Flexity Staff
March 8, 2022

Shahaf Shakuf – VP&GM at Chegg Israel for the last 8.5 years. Shahaf takes part in our weekly workouts, and today, we share with you his thoughts about the importance of a healthy, balanced work environment:

"I believe that the work environment should include all the tools our employees need to thrive – and that includes wellbeing activities as well! In Chegg, We cherish our employees, we do not treat them simply as a workforce. I want to create the most comfortable, balanced, and healthy workplace for all employees, not because it’s the standard at other companies, and not because I want them to stay longer hours at the office, but because I truly believe in the importance of a balanced workplace."

Along with that, Shahaf believes that taking part in the social activities in the office creates a shared office experience between employees and helps to keep up and maintain the social life in the office.

Flexity Staff
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