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The Key to Employee Happiness

Flexity Staff
March 8, 2022

A crucial factor affecting overall employee satisfaction at a company is the work environment. A study done by Robert Half International found that “the work environment your business provides is the most important factor that contributes to employee satisfaction” (ENME).

In addition to employee satisfaction, a good work environment is directly correlated to a company’s positivity, productivity, and overall culture. A lot of companies create a positive environment by providing employee benefits packages or integrating recreational activities into the workplace.

One trending employee benefit that many people are looking for when deciding on a new job is a health and wellness program. According to a survey conducted by Virgin HealthMiles/ Workforce, “about 87% of employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer” (Aldana, 2019).

There are several benefits to working at a company that provides employee-based wellness programs. Some of these benefits include: improved health and well being, reduced risk of chronic diseases, decreased personal health care expenses, increased ability to improve health, higher productivity, improved job satisfaction and enhanced morale (PDHU).

Health and wellness packages are different from other benefits because it shows that a company is committed to helping their employees grow, not only professionally, but also personally. In the past, employers put very little emphasis on employee health and wellness. In fact, an article published by Huffington Post in 2014 stated that “more than half of workers feel their employees do not care about their health and wellbeing, leading many to consider looking for a new job” (Huffington Post). Therefore, when looking for a job, it is imperative to find a company that provides a sufficient wellness program for their employees.

One approach that many companies have started taking to improve their employee wellness is providing prepaid health and wellness apps. These apps are incredible for employees that are working on a tight schedule or do not have time to go to the gym. This online platform approach gives employees the opportunity to workout anywhere at any time - which is especially beneficial for employees that do not have a flexible schedule.

In addition, company wellness programs lower stress at work and improve team bonding, thus creating a more caring, positive and healthier work environment.

Therefore, it is evident that during the process of looking for a new job, it is necessary to consider the significance and benefits that come along with a positive work environment that promotes employee health and wellness.

Flexity Staff
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