The relation between Employee Turnover Rates and Wellness Programs

Flexity Staff
March 8, 2022

Employee wellness programs are extremely important for having low employee turnover. Wellness programs can range from establishing healthy eating habits, giving fitness reimbursements for gym memberships, providing fitness classes, and employee support systems. Each of these programs are helpful but companies need to work to have multiple programs as having only one is not going to be enough. When these programs work together, they provide the most support to the employees and have the best results for a low employee turnover rate.

When a company shows their employees that they care about their wellbeing and will work to make sure their employees are practicing healthy living and eating habits, employees will be more efficient in their work and happier in their personal and work life.

Wellness programs can help to serve as the necessary distractions to reduce stress and worry for employees. These programs can also affect employee satisfaction and can increase employee productivity. By participating in these various programs, employees will feel supported by their employers and feel comfortable working for a longer period of time.

Employees who live a happier life will be more satisfied in the workplace. Employee wellness programs can also potentially attract better employees who want to work at the company. A safe and comfortable workplace is very important for people looking for jobs.

There has been extensive research on the correlation between the number of employee wellness programs and employee turnover rate. It is proven that companies in any industry who have a high number of employee wellness programs have an 11% lower employee turnover rate than those companies who did not necessarily focus on employee wellness programs.

In addition, the more employee wellness programs that a company chooses to provide to their employees lowers the employee turnover rate even more. While employee wellness programs are very important, this is not the only reason employee turnover rate can be lower than other companies. There are many factors that play into low employee turnover rate, however, employee wellness programs have been proven to be a huge factor.

Overall, it is important for companies to invest in employee wellness programs to ensure that they are caring for their employees and looking out for their physical health, mental health and overall well-being. In turn, companies will be able to keep their good employees for longer, attract good new employees, and their employees will enjoy working at their company for many years.

Flexity Staff
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